Sigma Beauty 3DHD Perfect Complexion Set (1x Blender, 1x Kabuki Brush, 1x Bag) 2pcs+1bag

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  • 3DHD Perfect Complexion Set:
  • 1x 3DHD Blender
  • 1x 3DHD Kabuki
  • 1x Makeup/Brush Bag
  • 3DHD Blender is a unique blending sponge with three-dimensional angled edges
  • Effortlessly reaches every part & contour of the face to create a flawless complexion
  • Provides accurate application of liquid, cream & powder makeup, concealer or primer
  • Imparts an invisible coverage from sheer to medium
  • 3DHD Kabuki features a double wedge flat & pointed head
  • Designed for applying liquid, cream & powder products uniformly to every curve, crease & angle of face
  • Sigma Beauty Set DHD Perfect Cutis bag
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  • Sigma Beauty DHD Perfect Complexion也쀨짔 bag

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