Nesti Dante Il Frutteto Anti-Stress Soap - Medlar & Jujube 250g/8.8oz

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  • A vegetable-based, handmade cleansing soap
  • Crafted in Florence using traditional methods & natural ingredients
  • Helps gently cleanse & rejuvenate skin
  • Provides calming & stress-relieving benefits to promote a sense of relaxation
  • Infused with an intensely sweet & velvety aroma
  • Leaves body skin soft, smooth & refreshed
  • Housed in decorative packaging ideal as a gift
  • Nesti Dante Il Frutteto Jabón Anti Estrés Medlar Jujube
  • ネスティダンテ Il フルッテット アンチストレス ソープMedlar Jujube
  • 奈斯迪丹特 抗壓果園香皂 枸杞和棗

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