Nesti Dante Gli Officinali Soap - Calla-Lily & Rosemary - Velveting & Tonic 200g/7oz

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  • A natural, luxurious, fragrant & handcrafted cleansing bar
  • Inspired by the beautiful region of Florence, Italy
  • Enriched with precious "officinali" pharmaceutical herbs that intensify the therapeutic benefits of bathing
  • Scented with sensuous notes of calla-lily & rosemary
  • Leaves skin smooth, fresh & toned
  • Free of mineral oils, parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates & synthetic surfactants
  • Hand-wrapped in paper with beautiful floral illustrations topped with an elegant ribbon
  • Nesti Dante Gli Officinali Soap Calla Lily Rosemary Velveting Tonic
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