HourGlass Unreal High Shine Volumizing Lip Gloss - # Prose (Warm Pink) 5.6g/0.2oz

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  • A silky, velvety lipgloss that gives long-lasting volume for a sexy pout
  • Formulated with powerful active ingredients that deliver intense moisture to plump the lips
  • Combines a nourishing blend of Shea butter & avocado oil for instant hydration
  • Creates a fuller-looking pout with an elegant glow
  • Features a smart applicator that infuses the precise amount of product in one swipe
  • Available in a wide range of universal shades & finishes, from delicate shimmer to super natural lacquer
  • HourGlass Unreal Brillo de Labios Voluminizante de Alto Brillo Prose
  • アワーグラス アンリアル ハイ シャイン ボリューマライジング リップ グロス Prose Warm Pink
  • 砂漏 豐潤閃亮唇彩 Prose

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